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Created and developed for the veterinary corporation

Is it possible to improve both the daily lives of vets and of pet owners? Is booking an appointment online relevant for vets? More generally, can clinics grow using digital technology?

Those were the questions on Julien Cavarec's mind, a mixed vet, when he was working on a new customer loyalty and engagement strategy in 2015.

André Cloarec, a specialist in digital solutions, and Nicolas Charbonneau, a customer satisfaction expert, were included in the thinking process.

After a year of hard thinking, CaptainVet was born, a digital services plattform designed to support vets in their loyalty and customer engagement strategy.

Born in the veterinary world, the solution perfectly meets the specificities of the sector and aims to help vets in evolving their business through the use of digital.

The CaptainVet's team's belief : the vet should be a single point of entry for all animal health issues.

Mission accomplished! CaptainVet offers a service that is both all-rounded and intuitive, supported by the entire profession and is enriched continuously with new features.

The CaptainVet solution exists therefore:

- so that pet-owners obtain all the answers to their questions from the veterinarian,
- so that vets have time to respond.

Enriched continuously with new features, the CaptainVet solution aims to offer a all-rounded and intuitive service to vets

Thanks to CaptainVet's digital solutions, vets can :

- easily manage practitioners' schedules,
- benefit from better organisation of their appointments (taken online or at the practise),
- increase customer satisfaction,
- build customer loyalty,
- acquire new customers.

What about the client? What are the benefits of CaptainVet?

On the customer side, the service is also a success. 75% of pet-owners would like to be able to book their appointment online. Main reason: they already do it for other services such as booking hotels, restaurants, travels, doctors, etc.

CaptainVet offers them access:

- to book an appointment online, in a few clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
- to be reminded the day before the appointment,
- to access to a fully personalized online space where they can obtain information on appointments, health and pet follow-up

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