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CaptainVet advantages

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Adapted tools

Created and developped for the veterinary corporation

Doctor Julien Cavarec, veterinary partner in a group of 3 mixed clinics has designed the architecture of the solution to meet the many specificities of the profession, given his 15 years of experience.

Choisissez la date et l'heure de votre rendez-vous

Save admin time

Thanks to our online booking appointment solution, more than 50% of appointments are booked off hours.

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Reduce your number of no-shows

With each appointment booked through CaptainVet, an SMS and an email confirmation are sent to the pet owner. A SMS reminder is sent 24 hours before the appointment.

Votre rendez-vous est confirmé : allez chez le vétérinaire

Make yourself known and attract new customers publishes Adwords search engine paid campaigns, to help you get more presence on internet and be found by new pet owners in search for a vet.

They trust us

We have been using Captainvet's online appointment scheduling service for almost a month and we are surprised to see so quickly a turning point in our clients appointment scheduling. They have pleasantly followed our recommendations and many of them...

DV Nicolas Mouly

A useful service, which makes it possible to reach a new target of more connected customers who like to make an appointment 24 hours a day.

DV Charles de Langlois

I was rather skeptical about making appointments online, we were wondering if people would put themselves on the internet, and if it was really a requested service. Now this opinion has changed, we are satisfied with CaptainVet, it is a very convenie...

Lucille, ASV

I was enthusiastic about making an appointment online because it was a customer expectation. I am satisfied with this service, it saves time for the ASVs who are more available. We have configured the settings so that the appointment only applies for...

DV Laurie-Anne Dulière

I have been interested in making appointments online for a few years now, being myself a frequent personal user. Compared to other investments we wanted to make, I felt that making appointments online was a priority. The result is not spectacular in...

DV Jacques Giraud

I was quite excited when the online appointment was made. It is a practical daily help. I have not had a decrease in the number of calls but CaptainVet is a service that complements well with my current schedule.

Audrey, ASV

I was enthusiastic about making an appointment online because it's a new, innovative proposal that sets us apart. Being among the first to take the step gives me an advantage over other veterinarians. CaptainVet is a reactive service that is constant...

DV Romain Nemoz
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